Give Your Tastebuds Something to Celebrate

Don't leave without trying our famous pulled pork in Paw Paw, MI

There's smoked meat, and then there's smoked meat that's done right. At Lucky Girl Brewing Crossroads, we take the time and care necessary to ensure that our meats are smoked to perfection. From pulled pork to smoked brisket, you can smell the smoker when you walk through the door of our Paw Paw, MI restaurant.

Smoked meat isn't all we offer. You can also get:

  • Southwest Mexican fare
  • Rib tips
  • Street tacos
  • Handheld sandwiches
  • Fresh salads
Stop by tonight to try our smoked brisket, pulled pork or one of our other fantastic menu items. We look forward to hearing what your new favorite is.